The Hours Before We Wake

The Hours Before We Wake is a low-fi sci-fi black comedy set in a future in which we can control our dreams and upload them to the internet. 

Touring September/October 2017.

"Tremolo Theatre's The Hours Before We Wake is a little gem of a show, multi-faceted and polished to perfection" - ★★★★★ - Stage Talk Magazine


Then Again

Then Again is Tremolo theatre's second show. It's a time travel story about a YouTube Scientist who is visited by future versions of herself. 

We're developing the show over a 4 week R and D period in March. There will be a work-in-progress showing at Sharp Teeth on March 26th.

About Tremolo

Tremolo is a Bristol based collaborative theatre company, exploring theatrical story telling using live sound, original music, and lots of movement. We like telling stories about science, politics, technology and people.

The company was formed around the idea of collaboration so we make sure everyone is as involved as possible in every element of the creative process.