Jack Drewry

Artistic Director 

Jack Drewry is Tremolo’s artistic director. He is a theatre-maker, musician and performer who directs and composes music for collaboratively devised theatre. He plays piano for Clumsy and 4th Project and works as co-director on Closer Each Day, the improvised soap opera. He is an associate artist of The Wardrobe Ensemble and has worked for Theatre Damfino, Bristol Old Vic, Splice Theatre, Twisted Theatre, Documental Theatre and Firebird Theatre. He is also a member of Interval, an artist-led studio space and support network. Find out more about Jack's other work at www.jackdrewry.com 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Emma London


Emma London has worked as a stage manager/assistant producer in numerous theatres across the country including Bristol Old Vic, Harrogate Theatre, Almeida, Plymouth Theatre Royal, Bubble Theatre, Greenwich Theatre and Splice Theatre.  She was a literary agent for a while before moving to Bristol. She is currently co producer of Earshot, an offshoot of the Bath based company A Word In Your Ear, which records stories and plays for their website. She is also a book editor and runs writing workshops.

Tremolo Theatre have also worked with: Lily London, Hannah Osborne (associate producer), Samuel Valentine, Ben Harrison, Alice Ritchie, Joseph Langdon, Bob Yates-Tiley, Lara Hawthorne, Harriet Lee-Merrion, Stephanie Kempson, Sam Bailey, Helena Middleton, Kitty Wheeler-Shaw, Verónica Iacona and Hal Kelly.