Utility Function - R and D

Utility Function is focussing on human’s complex relationship to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Throughout our R and D we have explored questions such as: Can AI be creative? Why do we anthropomorphise inanimate objects? Can one collaborate with an AI?

Tremolo are working for the first time with director Aaron Parsons, scriptwriter Marietta Kirkbride and light and movement artist Tom McDonagh. Jack Drewry is composer and sound designer.

Watch this space for more info as the project develops.

Then Again

Then Again is a dynamic comedy about time travel, internet celebrity and friendship. It's a story of YouTube Scientist who is visited by future versions of herself. 

Using original music, ensemble story-telling and fast paced action, Then Again probes the power and influence of social media through the allegory of time travel.

The show is touring March/April 2018. 


The Hours Before We Wake

The Hours Before We Wake is a low-fi sci-fi black comedy set in a future in which we can control our dreams and upload them to the internet. 

"Tremolo Theatre's The Hours Before We Wake is a little gem of a show, multi-faceted and polished to perfection" - ★★★★★ - Stage Talk Magazine