A dynamic comedy about time travel, internet celebrity and Friendship

Meet Millie...and Millie...and Millie. Scientist and YouTuber, Millie, is busy studying for her Phd in quantum physics, making videos of her oddball inventions and hanging out with her best friend Anna. She’s just about keeping on top of things when she accidentally invents a time machine. Before long she meets duplicate versions of her future self who start to lend a hand. The increasingly ambitious and self-obsessed Millie is sucked into the fickle world of internet celebrity, replacing Anna with her millions of fans. Does she need more subscribers or does she need true friends?

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Millie - Hanora Kamen

Anna - Lily London

Dr Yollanda - Alice Ritchie

MIRI - Jack Drewry

Creative Team

Created and devised by The Company

Co Director - Helena Middleton

Co Director - Jack Drewry

Dramaturg - Bea Roberts

Music - Hal Kelly and Jack Drewry

Sound Design - Jack Drewry

Designer - Ruby Spencer Pugh

Lighting Design - Will Monks

Producer - Emma London

Photography - Jack Offord

Technical Stage Manager - Will Leighton

Thanks for everyone who helped make this show including. Les Bubb, Sam Dawson, Jenny Davies, John Lomas, Peter Baker, Alex Davey, Rachel Lane, Alice Lamb, Maisie Newman, Rowan Evans, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton and James Kent.

Then Again is supported by:

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