A lo-fi sci-fi black comedy set in the year 2091. Technology allows us to control our dreams and upload them to DreamShare. It has become completely normal for everyone in society to take the Cognetix dream pill every night.

Our story follows Ian, a perpetual beta-male, who is pretty insignificant; even the face recognition software at work doesn’t know who he is. At night Ian dreams of being a hero and saving Janice, but during the day he works at Cognetix, sifting through data in the sleep analysis department where Janice is his unattainable supervisor. One day Ian crosses paths with the headstrong outcast Bea and is suddenly plunged headfirst into a world of conspiracy.

The Hours Before We Wake is a sharp dystopian comedy about lucid dreaming, technology and not letting anyone inside your head. Tremolo Theatre use music, movement and intricate sound design to explore their version of the future.

“A little gem of a show, multi faceted and polished to perfection.” - ★★★★★ StageTalk Magazine.

“A dark comedy, with great comedic timing and a script that’s razor sharp” - Bristol #Prospectus


Ian - James D Kent

Bea - Maisie Newman

Janice / Louise - Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton



Created and Devised by the Company

Director - Jack Drewry

Musical Director - Rowan Evans

Sound Design - Rowan Evans and Jack Drewry

Dramaturgy - Elana Binysh and Anna Houghton

Designer - Jenny Davies

Lighting - Jay Costello

Lighting Operator - Bob Yates-Tiley

Production Photography - Jack Offord

Assistant Producer - Elana Binysh

Producers - Emma London and Jojo Townsend