★★★★★ - Ruby Gilding, EdFringe Review

"This dystopian drama is close to the bone, as the pill-popping, social media-obsessed culture portrayed could well be our own. These observations are the product of a sharply written script, which successfully combines a dark premise with flawless comedy."

"There are exceptionally funny scenes which exploit the coded language of infatuation, in a world now run by coding. On reflection, the darkness of this humour emerges from its satire of the millennials who live glued to their screens."

"With its slick writing and talented cast ‘The Hours Before We Wake’ is a profound performance which will be a memorable highlight for those who have the chance to watch it."

★★★★ - Julia O'Driscoll, EdFringe Review

"It’s a concept that is really well executed, and this new reality seems charmingly plausible. The underlying dark humour is subtle and consistent with the odd visual pun thrown in, and Ian is a compelling protagonist" 

"This is a show I would thoroughly recommend, by an exciting theatre company I look forward to seeing more from." 

★★★★ - Udita Banerjee, Fringe Guru

"Tremolo Theatre deliver a powerful show, through clever use of light and sound."

★★★★★ - Mike Whitton, Stage Talk Magazine

"Tremolo Theatre's The Hours Before We Wake is a little gem of a show, multi-faceted and polished to perfection"

"The subject matter of this play is bleak, suggesting that our ever-increasing electronic connectivity is leading us to become ever more disconnected from ourselves, from each other and from reality. But The Hours Before We Wake is both very funny and joyous to watch, sugaring the bitter pill of its dystopian theme with laugh-out-loud comedy and intricately choreographed performances. " 

Leah Eades, Bristol #Prospectus

"It is in moments like these that the real star of the piece shines through: the artful soundscaping. While the physical staging behind The Hours Before We Wake is relatively low-fi, the sound design is nothing of the sort. Musical director Rowan Evans builds offices, dream worlds and memories with a medley of perfectly timed live music, recordings and sound effects, and the result is both atmospheric and original."

"I’ll certainly be on the lookout for what Tremolo Theatre have in store next. Undoubtedly, this is a mightily talented company, and one that brings a real sense of imagination and originality to Bristol’s theatre scene." - 

Toby O'Connor Morse, Bristol 24/7

"The slickest choreography you are likely to see for a long time, a perfectly meshed routine of constant movement and preparation which never misses a beat, creating a visual universe out of nothing but thin air and three wooden blocks which constantly change position to become chairs, stairs, a lift: a whole world of the future."

"The combination of sound and movement executed with absolute precision by the cast means that The Hours Before We Wake is not only an entertaining evening out, but also an object lesson in how few physical resources are needed to utterly suspend an audience’s disbelief."